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★ Cassiethecurious thinks you’re Hot!

Cassiethecurious thinks you’re Hot!

"I necro feel ya"

- jeffrey dahmer, probably (via princedahmer)

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Does he treat you like a person

or treat you like a bank?

Does he think of you like a son?

Do the paternal instincts…. fail somehow?

He didn’t teach you, I did

He didn’t help you like I did.

But he did.

He is your blood, he is your life. But he shouldn’t be your future.

He shouldn’t be the only thing you’ve got

You’ve got me

It’s not my place, but you

are mine, mine to shelter and love

you deserve all the gifts life can give you

I won’t take your money, I won’t take your love

and just swallow it

I follow through and give it back to you

because I’m no parent but I provide

I don’t hide

from responsibility and claim that’s all there is to be done

I don’t ask for much, do I?

I just want you to be happy

I just want you to be prosperous, humorous, and happy.

Not suffering for money, not struggling for basic needs

Happiness isn’t a monetary goal but the green stuff helps

And I won’t ever let you

go without again

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